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General terms and conditions

This website and the other offered services of Farmers4love work according the following general conditions. We assume that all members of our website agree with our general conditions and take them into account when making use of the website. These conditions apply to all services of Farmers4love.

It is forbidden:

*To hinder all our offered services and members. Furthermore, is it forbidden to hinder the functional activities of our website.

*To ignore our general conditions and safety instructions.

*To abuse another member’s data. All personal data used that is not your data, is in contrary to the law. In case this happens the member will be suspend from the website.

*Farmers4love has the right to block a member from the website in case: the member ignores the general conditions and the conditions are breached.  In case this happens all relevant data of that member will be deleted from the system.


*To discriminate and use disrespectful sentences and words. Sentences that contain sexual content who are in contrary to the law are suspended. This applies to sentences used in the members profile and during communication with other members.
*Members that annoy other members with undesirable messages have the risk to be deleted from the website. The same condition applies to members who spread private information of fellow members.

*Members who send messages that are full of sexual words can be deleted, even if the member has a privilege membership.


Farmers4love spends a lot of attention on continuing and optimizing the website and offered services. The members of the site are responsible for their own liability and risks involved. Farmers4love nor its directors, employees, agents or representatives accept liability for damage caused by the use of this. Each user of the service of Farmers4love will Farmers4love against any claims by third parties that are in any way arising out of its use of the services of Farmers4love, and all relevant by Farmers4love costs (including the cost of legal assistance).

Applicable law and jurisdiction: these terms and conditions and all the services of Farmers4love is governed by Dutch law. Disputes, which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, will be submitted to the competent court in Almelo. Adjustments services and conditions: Farmers4love has the right from time to time its service and/or to match these terms and/or to discontinue all or part.

Conditions concerning memberships:

*To become member of Farmers4love, you have to be 18 years or older.

*All information given by the member needs to be real and not misleading. This will be checked regularly.

*It is forbidden to mention telephone numbers, MSN, ID, e-mail addresses and other personal information. This is allowed in case the member has 1 on 1 contact with fellow members.

*The used member name and password are only used for registration on the website, not used for commercial activities.

*Every member needs to keep its login-details secret. It is forbidden to use it for other purposes.

*Every member has own responsibility for own use and abuse of their login-details. Farmers4love need to be contacted in case the member has the idea its login-details are abused.

*All members need to be treated with respect decency.

*If there is no interest in your response, stop further approach of the user in question.


* In the event of complaints from other users we can perform checks on messages exchanged.


* The use of the offered service needs to be in contrary to the law and to refrain from offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, aggressive, inflammatory, pornographic, or illegal expressions.

* Message that contain; disrespectful, threatening, obscene or discriminating content are against the law and are forbidden.

*A free membership gives the person the opportunity to check whether the website is suitable for him/her personal objectives. This is a non-paid membership. It is not possible to seek contact with fellow members during the free membership period.

*A free membership can be denounced any time the member wants.

*Al paid memberships are incl. tax.

*A membership is denounced only, if the member receives an email that the membership is denounced.

*In case the member uses payment through direct debit or credit card, the membership fee for the following period is paid by automatic debit.

*In case the members access is denied by breaching the terms of conditions, no refund of memberships fee will be paid

*It is not possible to denounce the membership between periods. It is possible to delete the profile, but the payment will be continued until the end of the month.

Data security:

Farmers4love is dedicated to protect the system from unauthorized use and loss of data. However, members need to be aware of the fact that it is impossible to protect the site from all unauthorized users and any accidental loss of data.  


Farmers4love takes your privacy very seriously. Your data will only be used by farmers4love for the desired services. We have taken appropriate measures to protect your data against abusements. Data will never be given to third parties without explicit permission. We also remind you of your own responsibility to protect your privacy.

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