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Do’s and don’t during the first date


* Dress the way you are. Don’t show up like someone you are actually not. Make sure your clothes fit the date you are going to have.

* Put on some nice perfume.

* Eye contact is really important. Try to look at your date but not to long!

* Give a compliment from time to time. To make sure you date is going to be a success, start the date with a compliment.

* Make sure you nails and hands are clean. For woman it is really important that men have clean nails and hands.

* Bring a small present to the first date. The other person will feel like he/she is special.


* Don’t wear clothes with wrong sentences or with pictures of a cartoon. Not everyone likes that humor.

* Don’t tell your whole life story on the first date, not everybody is interested in your past.

* Make sure your phone is out! It is really annoying when the phone is ranking or you are texting all the time.

* Don’t drink alcohol before you go on your date. You will smell and make a wrong impression.

Other tips:

* Be yourself and look healthy and prepared.

* Welcome your date with a friendly handshake and a beautiful smile. It shows that you love to have this date.

* Make sure you meet each other in a quiet place where you can speak and listen to each other.

* Don’t just talk about yourself during the date. Make sure you ask questions about your date’s life or lifestyle and show you interest.

* A great tip is to think about a subject you can talk about during the date. In this way you prevent awkward silence moments.

* Try to read body language; it makes a lot of things clear during the date.

* Did you have an amazing night out with your date? Text your date the next day to remind him/her of it.

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