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House rules

We are pleased to have you as a member on our datingsite! We love to help you finding the love of your life. We have a couple of house rules that are important for us, but also for you when you want to have a great time on our datingsite. We expect that every member read this rules and take them serious.

* Fill in your profile with honest information. You don’t have to be perfect and it not a shame to mention your weaknesses. Mr and mrs perfect don’t exist.

* Take the time to fill in your profile as complete as possible.

* When you have sent a glass of milk and you don’t get any response you can try it again. When you don’t get an answer the second time, it is clear that the person doesn’t want to have contact with you. We want you to respect that and leave it for what it is.

* We expect from our member that everyone shows respect to each other.

* We expect that everyone posts a clear photo of themselves, you can keep it private on your profile if you want.


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